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Polyurea systems

Other areas of application include:

  • Polyurea linings in water treatment plants
  • PU tank coatings and linings
  • Coatings and linings of pipes and pipelines
  • Linings of manholes and sewers
  • Floors and car parks
  • Inserts for lorry load beds (wear protection)
  • Linings for rail vehicles and coverings for track beds (NVH)
  • Water parks and playgrounds



  • Earth and water retention systems
  • Fuel storage and retention systems
  • Desalination systems
  • Roof coatings (roof refurbishments, crack covering, long-term protection)
  • Navigation
  • Chemical protection (biogas reactors, sewage plants)
  • Façade coating
  • Flat roof sealing

Large-scale polyurea coating

Up to now, you had to invest in expensive special machines to spray apply polyurea systems. The new WIWA DUOMIX PU 460 series makes it possible to carry out application on a process-safe and efficient basis under even the most demanding climatic and working conditions.

In the USA above all, polyurea systems have been used for corrosion protection in virtually every industrial sector for many years. Polyurea is an aliphatic polycarbamide that is filler-free. It results when you spray two storage-stable, highly reactive solvent-free raw material components.

Fast drying times, good flow response and good tensile and shear forces are just some of the advantages of polyurea. These properties are particularly important in the case of refurbishment and preventive maintenance work when you need to be able to use the coated surfaces again as quickly as possible. The quick-response polyurea material has completely hardened in just a few hours. By contrast, most polyurethane paints or epoxy materials need 24 to 48 hours.

Depending on the application, the material can be sprayed or processed using a spinner, i.e. by means of a pneumatically driven rotor head. Modern dual-component systems make application easier and make possible more even spraying at high pressure (up to 240 bar). WIWA has designed the new WIWA Duomix PU 460 system series specially for high throughput rates.
Using this system technology makes it possible for the first time for users to apply polyurea systems on a large scale such that it is no longer necessary to invest in expensive special machines.




WIWA 2K polyurea systems, spraying and PU equipment

Apart from the material properties, the most important conditions for successful coating are the technical options of a reliable processing machine like our DUOMIX PU 460, for example.


The polyurea plant is presented in the following video:


The details of commissioning and function are in this video:



The powerful WIWA DUOMIX PU 460 is the ideal system concept for applying polyurea and PU foam. With powerful material flow heaters, phase monitoring, differential pressure shut-down and control of the mixing ratio the PU 460 offers high process reliability in all fields of application.


At the heart of the system, there are the tried and tested dosing pumps of the DUOMIX 230 that guarantee an exact mixing ratio of both components. During operation, the pistons are constantly moistened with release agent, since it circulates between the pump and the air motor. At the end of work, it is possible to run the pistons to the parking position, which prevents the isocyanate on the piston from crystallizing. To avoid unwanted chemical reactions on the feed pump, you can place them in receivers filled with release agent at the end of work. Our robust and flexible hose packages heat quickly and they can be connected to extend them to a total length of up to 123 m.

With its maximum working pressure of 240 bar, the pneumatic DUOMIX PU 460 polyurea system advances into performance ranges that our competitors can only achieve in hydraulic operation.

The compact dual-component polyurea system is mounted on a multifunctional cart. This makes it mobile, stackable and transportable by crane and means that you can deploy it at almost any location.


Another advantage of the system: The PU 460 can also process polyurethane foam that can be used for seamless sealing and insulation of large roof surfaces.

View our videos on YouTube:

Inbetriebnahme der DUOMIX PU 460 Polyurea Anlage

Vorstellung der DUOMIX PU 460 Polyurea Anlage




WIWA DUOMIX PU 280 for processing PU foam

The WIWA DUOMIX PU 280 was specially developed for the processing of PU-foams, based on the experiences made with the WIWA DUOMIX PU 460. Due to its compact design, the PU 280 is very flexible in use. The powerful material flow heater ensures short material heat-up times.


You won't find the latest news from the foam application every day; but with immediate effect at WIWA! That's why we're happy to be able to present you the new WIWA DUOMIX PU 280 2K PU foam system. Our newly developed system is characterized by high levels of functionality, WIWA's familiar quality and permanent reliability.


The areas of application include roof refurbishment with PU foam, insulation of hollow spaces and heat and noise insulation. Over the last few years in particular, a range of new and interesting areas of application have been opening up for permanently elastic PU foams.


Advantages of the WIWA DUOMIX PU 280 dual-component PU foam system:

  • Short heat-up period due to powerful material flow heater
  • No overheating of material
  • High flexibility in use due to the large construction site proof wheels
  • Compact and powerful, ideal for foaming applications
  • Highly maintenance friendly because of the open and clear design
  • Well thought-out concept with integrated pump and hose brackets
  • Simple operation of all control elements

WIWA DUOMIX PU HYDRAULIC – Protecting – Sealing – Insultating

The WIWA DUOMIX PU HYDRAULIC is the latest and brand-new addition to our DUOMIX PU Series. This hydraulic, compact, versatile and mobile unit is easy to use and can handle all types of polyurethane foam and fast curing polyureas.


The new material pump design provides enhanced flow, resulting in longer life of the wear parts, while the mixing ratio can be changed in a matter of minutes by replacing the material pumps. Over 200 mixing ratios can be set up this way. The machine is very quiet and there is no pulsation.

The new, redesigned, exceptionally economical material heaters are based on our latest technology. The exact amount of material to be processed is heated in the most efficient way and in the shortest possible time. Additionally the unit has a built-in energy saving mode engaging an automatic stop/start function during ongoing work or you can make use of a programmed period/shift.

The simple control panel provides ease of operation and conforms to the EU Machine Directive with regard to the safety shut-off requirement.

Feed pumps can be conveniently stored on the frame ready for use. The design provides the possibility to choose between pumps; diaphragm pumps or our newly designed piston pumps.

Changing from a stationary to a mobile unit can be accomplished in a matter of minutes with the accessory wheel kit.

The unit can be equipped with the WIWA DATALOGGER which will provide you with the widest range of equipment activity data, assisting you in further optimizing and refining your production process.